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This web site is maintained by the Class of 1960 as a way for alumni of Sacred Heart Seminary, Oneida, Wisconsin, to connect. Alumni are encouraged to submit biographical information and digital photos to Paul Geenen at

On Friday, August 13th, 2010, the Class of 1960 hosted a reunion for all alumni, in Green Isle Park, in Green Bay. 48 alumni, 29 spouses and 3 faculty attended the event.  Here are some comments that were received afterwards:

George, thank you so much for you and your classmates organizing last night's event. It was wonderful to see all those old men, so many of whom I had not seen since high school. I went home fairly glowing last night - and it was not from the poured spirits. Everyone else I talked to felt the same. By the way, a number of us were impressed with how many SHS graduates have been in the business of making the world a better place, rather than concentrating on just their own advancements. Maybe good things did happen to us at Oneida!  God bless you all! Jim (Dillenburg)

Thank all of you.  It was a great time.  What a way to celebrate.  Thanks especially for the organizers and visionaries. John Bergstadt

Dear Paul-

Friday night was a good gathering. Thank you! Finding people-pictures, videos, etc.  Ron Hopfensberger

George,,John,Paul G. and Fr. Paul,

  A big thanks to all of you for putting together  our 50th. class reunion! It was wonderful to meet once again those old friends  and renew those friendships. What a great idea to invite those classes that came before ours. Most of those people I had not seen in over 50 years! I enjoyed seeing all the photos of our reunion. Father Paul, wonderful job on your skit playing Msgr. Griese ( even if it makes him roll in his grave). Gentlemen, it was all G-R-E-A-T! Steve McCabe

I was so happy with the great turnout and how EVERYONE enjoyed the evening. It couldn't have turned out any better! The fellowship and food was great. We will never top this one. Keep up the good website work and thanks again, Paul. God bless you, Stan (Junk)